The last few days, a lot of family have been visiting us. My two uncles Henrik and Orla and my two aunts Susanne and Marianne, my cousin Sisse, her husband Niels and children Anna and Oscar - they are so adorable! Well, it's all about my grandmother who's really sick of cancer. But she did came on visit yesterday, but I wasen't home. The 26th of July all of us familymembers drove to my third uncle and aunt and their three girls with boyfriends also, which one of them has a baby, Lucas. Sisse and her two children were there I was allowed to borrow Henriks very expensive camera!
These photos were taken by me, and noone has the right to use them without permission!
- Nanna

Warning; This might be a long post!

Sisses husband, Niels

My uncle Henrik, Oscar and Lucas

The owner of the camera!
Oscar! ^^

My cousin Mette

Playing dart!

Isn't she beautiful? xb

Sisse and Anna

My bigbrother, Niclas

Anna and Oscar playing soccer

My littlesis and Anna

*SCREAM* I'm serious, he did, for attention!

Hahaha, isn't he cute?

Well, at least Oscar learned my dads name there!

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