I don't need help

Wherever you go
Wherever you are
Even if it is in a dark pit
A pit wit an atmosphere if pure darkness
Even from there
There will always be something
Something to being you up
To get you out
To help you stand on your own feet again
Even when you're shouting
You will be helped
Helped getting back to the world
To reality
Your own reality
Where you can be just the one you are
And letting your loved ones know
That you are alright
And you'll always be



Lion roar
Elephant steps
The coyote is howling tonight
Blowing breeze
Streaming beams
The river is dancing tonight
Listen now 
Airing rhymes
The jungle sings it's song


Grøn ild

Flammer springer ud
Grønne og blussende breder de sig
Hver en kvist får flammer
Og til sidst vil træet brænde
Gløder bliver til
Vokser sig større og større
Og vinden vil sprede asken
til de spirende kommende bål
Og når gløden endelig bliver ildrød
Vil den falde

Going home

What's the point in going home?
To your loved ones
To the well known surroundings
Why is that a home?
Why can't anywhere else be home?
An idyllic place covered in green
Sunshine reflecting in the pond
Swans beautifully gliding through water
Fish, birds, all creating an atmosphere
An atmosphere of peace
Why can't this be home?
Because home isn't peaceful
Death is peaceful
Living is not
Maybe this is why no one will leave home
Maybe this is why everyone has a home
A home in some way
Maybe home is life
It is what we hold on to
Never let go of
What we always yearn for
Not necesaarily the place we grew up
But the place we belong with our hearts