Mirror Ball

Glistering eyes you blink against
Their shining smiles enlightening your mind
The world in a flash, it seems to glow
Like a bubble with a lens flare
A ball of glass, so fragile and yet solid
Could last a century, a millennium
Or only just a year
Memories are speckled in its very surface
Covering the ground and seas
Some of them above, some of them beneath
Some of them transformed into what we'd be


Frozen Glass of Black

Boots are on
The white carpet
Snow falls down
Lets it rain
With ice drops
And cooling breezes flies around
While snowmen grows too tall

The darkness of Winter is pouring down
Onto the city beneath it
The black lake that once was white
Now has gone to sleep
The night howlers start to sing
Their loneliness in their voices
It's cracking like ice and shakes like flakes
As they fall from Heaven white


I am Groot

I am Groot
I am Groot, I 
I am Groot,
Groot, I am Groot
I am Groot
Groot, I
We are

//Not obvious at all
What movie I've seen
Though I will reveal,


Butterfly, butterfree

As time yet flies
Like the wings of a butterfly
In the wardrobe it goes
Though never to return
Perhaps a time for change it was

// Considering to change the theme of this blog to a more fitting one for the new purpose of my posts.
Behold fellow lovers of words. 
A new time awaits.
Where look and fill goes hand in hand. 


Hail the Drowned Ones

Twisted soul of dark eyes
Leave the night and begin your journey
Through the sorrow of your sins
And through the pit of guiltiness
Until the stars above are red
You across the sea cannot pass
In which the corpses of your hopes
Lie beneath the ocean white

The stream of power and forgiveness
Has everyone in the city drowned
The ones who once were wise and still
Are yet only still to become
Until you drown the Drowning Sea
Your tears still flood with the same water

When finally the sun will rise
And the coal birds rise from the ashes
Skies will gather forcefully around
Shape your life, form and being
Until you make out the shape of the drowned
O hail above, the Drowned Ones


A tribute to Bobby Singer

The many different tongues you let out your mouth
For strength and to protect
Even when the world is about to fall
The last stand from another world
Will rise in the depths of your heart
Cause why says anybody
That fierce can't be out of love? 

In memoriam of Bobby Singer the Great Man whose every thought was about those he loved

- Medha


When the moon sets

Rise and shine as clear as glass
Shine upon the flat Earth side
With a touch of cheese you watch us sleep
Like a cat is watching its kittens
A reflection of yourself shines back to you
From the silent laughing lake
And with your thousands of eyes
And the glimpses when you wave
You slowly begin your journey
And run across the sky of darkness


I don't need help

Wherever you go
Wherever you are
Even if it is in a dark pit
A pit wit an atmosphere if pure darkness
Even from there
There will always be something
Something to being you up
To get you out
To help you stand on your own feet again
Even when you're shouting
You will be helped
Helped getting back to the world
To reality
Your own reality
Where you can be just the one you are
And letting your loved ones know
That you are alright
And you'll always be



Lion roar
Elephant steps
The coyote is howling tonight
Blowing breeze
Streaming beams
The river is dancing tonight
Listen now 
Airing rhymes
The jungle sings it's song


Grøn ild

Flammer springer ud
Grønne og blussende breder de sig
Hver en kvist får flammer
Og til sidst vil træet brænde
Gløder bliver til
Vokser sig større og større
Og vinden vil sprede asken
til de spirende kommende bål
Og når gløden endelig bliver ildrød
Vil den falde

Going home

What's the point in going home?
To your loved ones
To the well known surroundings
Why is that a home?
Why can't anywhere else be home?
An idyllic place covered in green
Sunshine reflecting in the pond
Swans beautifully gliding through water
Fish, birds, all creating an atmosphere
An atmosphere of peace
Why can't this be home?
Because home isn't peaceful
Death is peaceful
Living is not
Maybe this is why no one will leave home
Maybe this is why everyone has a home
A home in some way
Maybe home is life
It is what we hold on to
Never let go of
What we always yearn for
Not necesaarily the place we grew up
But the place we belong with our hearts


Mobilkamera, nu endnu bedre!

Long time, no see, er det ikke det man siger?

Juleaften skete et kæmpe skridt for min(nu godt nok nye) iPhone og dets kamera!

Coolstuff.dk har haft et "Objektiv til mobiltelefonen" til salg med makro og vidvinkeleffekt og jeg kan kun sige én ting: Det er fantastisk!

Har idag fået min iPhone og sat udstyret på - nemt og enkelt - og siden da har jeg udforsket og eksperimenteret med objektivet. 

Objektivet kan klart anbefales, især for kun 179,- kr!
Her er nogle eksempler på billeder med makro og med og uden vidvinkel.